Denken Sie daran, wenn sie sagten, ich sei “das beste”.

Memories of Mitch & Jo’s wedding.


Netherlands v Northern Ireland

After two unsuccessful viewings of flats in the north I was cycling from central station to a camera store and I grew more aware of the more than usual sea of orange. A group of three middle aged men were kind enough to inform me  that The Netherlands were playing Northern Ireland in a friendly match in the evening. After the photographic perusal I mounted the trusty steed and headed back to the keep for an online map session. The Amsterdam ArenA, I now know, is a good 45 minute cycle form Overtoom and following the freeway one gets great exposure to the “way out that way” home-goods stores. I parked up and went on the look for “dodgy looking people” from whom I may be able to purchase a ticket off. After no awkward moments was informed by a steward that there were tickets left to this apparently sold out event. 


Hey Ma! I’m on TV!


Mike Whitney found his true calling singing 80’s Dutch pop anthems such as “Wiener Schnitzel” to the sound of “We Will Rock You” … Who dares wins, kids.


This was Paul and his friends from the north of The Netherlands. They saw me with a camera and requested a group photo. After an awkward swapping of lenses, from a zoom to wide angle, all of them bunched together for a quick snap. They play futsal together and were expecting to go to Amsterdam and watch the game on a TV in a public house only to be surprised with tickets to the game. 


Paul was really rad. We chatted about where we were from and how we found ourselves at the ground. We imparted advice on places to see from our personal travel logs and parted way … not before much spilt beer and an exchange of emails.


This guys is from an Oasis film clip …


This time didn’t have a permit …


So this guy was happy to take care of his flare.


Amsterdam ArenA.


The number of the beast.


Merve van Hughes.


Nanna was down.


Kick off.


5 – 0




A pretty successful day in my honest opinion. After living in such an isolated city for so long, it was enjoyable to once again be apart of an international sporting event. Nostalgia flowed after seeing children on their fathers shoulders and I was transported to a time, long gone, where I was a blonde little thing atop my fathers shoulders at Celtic park or Wembley. Being at the game really evoked a sense of acceptance that, to a degree, has been lacking for a while and I felt more comfortable to be engulfed in a sea of orange strangers (clothing or hair … this was the Irish they were playing) than at the majority of exhibitions/performances I have seen, or been involved in, recently. I enjoyed the hype, it was familiar and, as always, the spontaneity provided a relaxed mental attitude to enjoy the experience for what it was … a six – nill thumping.  

Range … Equipped to (not) Bitch.









Months have past, years even, the faucet has be located and the thought of running water is now pending. The hand connected to the same arm, same nervous system, yet somehow different. The mind still confused, yet evolving. The grammar (and spelling) still lacking. A desire to re-live the past through flashes of pixels and to vent unsubstantiated soliloquies in a syncopated fight with a bitter digital eraser. 

Welcome back 🙂

-1.- & -2.- Range of 10-22mm

-3.- 50mm

-4.- 200mm



Mr. Fry Goodness

STEPHEN FRY: WHAT I WISH I’D KNOWN WHEN I WAS 18 from Peter Samuelson on Vimeo.

I have always been a big fan of Stephen Fry, from Black Adder to his journeys through America and so on
A friend posted a clip of him a week or so ago of his part in the “intelligence (squared)” debate, The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world. I watched it twice and went on to acquire the full debate where Anne Whitticomb’s* voice and delivery made a (basically) fundamentalist seem the lesser of two evils. My point or the purpose of this post is to suggest these clips as intelligent ways to pass the minutes/hours one thinks about whether or not to procrastinate and the cognition of, if one enjoys the acting of an individual, one may also relate the person and their opinions.

*don’t know or care


I hope this post is not as the title says.

Yep this is a photo of myself and a post half about my pals blog and half about excitement. The blog is Never To Be Seen and it’s author is really good human. I have been fortunate enough to skate with him quite a few times over the last year and his blog is definitely worth checking out! I got really surprised during my daily troll of blogs to see a picture of myself – I mean this in the most un-arrogant of ways. I was just excited because in 10 years of wheelie boarding this photo is about the 5th time I have actually seen my skating documented.


But $9 a bottle is pretty lame. Bottle Price: £1.59. Case Price: £12.34.